Welcome to The Cradle Coach

For many new parents, that solid eight hour stretch of sleep that most used to experience before they had children is now a distant memory. This does not have to be a permanent condition of parenthood. Everyone in your family can get a good night’s sleep again with The Cradle Coach!

Parents who are faced with infant and child sleep difficulties often feel helpless and alone. Although everyone has advice to give, it seems like nobody offers an individualized plan as to how to improve your child’s sleep and give support along the way. As a baby sleep consultant based in South Florida (Palm Beach County), we have the knowledge and experience to look at a family’s entire circumstance in order to evaluate what methods and approaches would be best suited to solve their child’s sleep challenges. Here you will find a choice of services, from face-to-face in-home training to phone and email consultations. What one family considers a sleep problem may be perfectly normal and acceptable to another. We will not judge you or your child. We realize that every child is an individual therefore, we understand that each case is unique.

Our goal is to teach you everything we know and give you the tools necessary to succeed. We want parents to walk away from a sleep consultation with the solutions they need to address current sleep problems and potential hurdles down the road. Advantages of working with a sleep specialist is the ability to ask specific questions about your child, get a individualized plan, and have support throughout the process. Most sleep books offer a "one-size-fits-all" approach that doesn't account for varying parenting philosophies, work schedules, travel, illness and siblings. Since every child is unique, we believe in many different sleep training methods. Let us help you give your child the sleep they need.