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What Makes The Cradle Coach So Different?

Many of our clients initially come to us thinking there’s only one way to sleep train their baby…cry it out. They read all the books, listened to their friends opinions, and figured this was the only way. And it left them feeling hopeless.

We took those thoughts (and feelings) seriously and have created a gentle and natural approach to establish sound sleep for your child. We walk through your child's customized sleep plan at a slow and steady pace, introducing your child gradually to these new habits, while building security and confidence in them.

We think you deserve options because in the end, you know your child the very best!

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Purchase the sleep package that best fits your families needs based on the amount of support you need.

Once the purchase is made, your sleep consultant will email you an intake form to gather all the information about your little one.

We create your child's personalized sleep plan based on their personality and your parenting philosophy, and support you along the way!

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Parents are loving what The Cradle Coach has done for them!

"After a million text messages and frantic phone calls, my little girl is sleeping. It is amazing! I could have never done this without your help and I would have never made it through this difficult time without you. Thank you so much!!" – Kim

"Thank you Melissa! Our son is sleeping through the night and taking two excellent naps a day. We are so happy he has learned to soothe himself to sleep. Your knowledge, kindness and compassion made all the difference for us. Our needs were truly listened to and our sleep plan with support that worked great for our family." – Katie

"We have so enjoyed working with you and benefiting from your expertise. Audrey's nights are so much better! I don't dread the evenings now! Thank you for all your guidance and support." – Rene

"At the age of 11 weeks old, I am delighted to say that my baby is sleeping twelve hours straight at night. He falls asleep on his own and is so happy when he awakens in the morning. I am so glad that I found The Cradle Coach as early as I did. She provided me with simple tips and tricks that worked like magic to help my son develop good sleep habits from day one. I am grateful! " – Jenna

"Jude is such a great sleeper now and a much happier baby. I wish I had known about your services much sooner because we would’ve avoided six months of stressful and sleep deprived parenting. Thanks to Melissa we have a happier family: two well- rested parents that have time to focus on each other and quality time to spend with the baby. " – Lilly

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