Toddlers – Two-hour In-Home (LIVE OR VIRTUAL) Package



This is one of our Cradle Coach Exclusive Membership packages and is often the choice of parents who are very overtired and would like in-person guidance when implementing their sleep plan. A sleep specialist will either arrive before bedtime (or before a nap) or schedules a FaceTime/live video session and stays for two hours to help implement the sleep plan that is specifically created for your child. We discuss and determine the plan and method of implementing these healthy new sleep habits that compliment your parenting style and values. One advantage of in-home visits is that we not only see first hand the experiences you have been facing, but we can also evaluate your child’s sleep environment too. Our commitment is to guide you every step of the way to ensure success! We want you to have continued support on your sleep journey - with this package we offer you the opportunity to join in on our exclusive Cradle Coach Sleep Chat group on Facebook. This allows you to have questions answered by one of our sleep consultants and have support from other Cradle Coach clients who have purchased our exclusive membership packages.

Specifics include:

  • A thorough intake and evaluation of your child’s current sleep habits and concerns. This is done before the actual training visit.
  • A two-hour in-home training or live virtual video session. This is where we discuss natural and developmentally correct solutions to your child’s individual sleep issues.
  • A customized sleep plan, created to give you thorough information and the proper tools as you move forward on your child’s sleep training.
  • We are at your side, coaching and supporting you every step of the way as you implement the plan.
  • Unlimited ongoing support and guidance by email (two weeks following the training)
  • Two scheduled support telephone calls to use (during the two weeks following the training)
  • Admission in our exclusive Cradle Coach Sleep Chat Facebook group where you can ask questions throughout your child's first four years.