Sleep Packages

For children 18 months and up we offer a range of packages that are customized to fit your child's needs. These packages tackle everything frequent night wakings, poor napping, early rising, night weaning, co-sleeping transitions as well as crib to toddler bed transitions, and room environment needs. Our sleep plans cover age-appropriate schedules & effective night time routines, sleep regressions, nightmares/night terrors, bedtime battles, healthy nutrition and emotional well-being to give your child confidence and security during this stage. We believe that positive reinforcement, emotional growth, accompanied by a gentle sleep training technique, will help your little one learn to love sleep!

Toddlers – Cradle Express ($25.00)

This is a 20 minute call that is perfect for quick advice on the questions you may have regarding your child’s sleep. We will give you advice, a direct action plan, and help you give your child the sleep they need.

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Toddlers – Sleep Plan ($150.00)

The Sleep Plan offers personalized attention with a chance to follow-up after you have begun using the techniques. This is the perfect package for a parent that doesn’t know where to begin with their child’s sleep but if given a custom sleep plan, they can follow through with the training and come out successful. This package begins with an initial intake form, discussing all the ins and outs of your child’s current sleep patterns, their personality, your family lifestyle, and specific goals you have. The Sleep Plan is then created and includes a complete day-by-day routine based off of your child’s natural sleep cycles, the right sleep training method for your child, ways to break your current habits and replace them with healthy sleep habits, and loads of information to help with future challenges that can arise. Finally, this package comes with three days of follow-up e-mail to help fine tune the plan after you have started, answering any questions you may have. The most powerful tool any parent can have is getting the right information from the start.

Specifics include:

  • A thorough intake and evaluation of your child’s current sleep habits and concerns.
  • A tailored made sleep packet, created to give you thorough information and a plan as you move forward on your child’s sleep training.
  • Once you start the new routine, you will receive three consecutive days of follow-up email support to help fine tune your plan.

Toddlers – Continued Support ($125.00)

The seven day unlimited email package is for returning clients who already have their children on a great schedule (received a customized sleep plan), but need help with regressions, re-training, or continued support during the sleep training process. This package includes seven consecutive days of unlimited email support.

Toddlers – Telephone, Facetime, or Skype Package ($300.00)

This is our most popular package for families who prefer a personalized phone conversation and extensive follow up to various issues: how to correct ongoing sleep problems; how to institute a consistent nap and bed time schedule; how to reverse poor sleep habits, deal with night wakings, early wakings, bedtime antics, or short naps. This package includes over-the-phone/Facetime/Skype sleep training and ample seven days of follow-up support. During our initial phone consultation, we will discuss in detail the sleep issues you have been facing and ask specific questions, listening and analyzing your sleep challenges. Based off the information discussed during our consultation, we create a customized sleep plan for your child, one that you will feel comfortable using and matches your baby’s personality and your parenting philosophies. We will then schedule a training call and discuss in detail your sleep plan so that you feel confident implementing it. You will leave away with a sleep plan that you can begin using right away and have the support that will help you succeed in obtaining healthy sleep for your child.

Specifics include:

  • A thorough intake and evaluation of your child’s current sleep habits and concerns. This is done before the actual training call.
  • A virtual tour of your child's room, making sure the environment is perfectly suitable for sleep!
  • A customized sleep plan, created to give you thorough information and a proper technique to move forward on your child’s sleep training.
  • A telephone training call. This is where we discuss in detail the sleep plan created and how to successfully implement the techniques.
  • One week of email support. Once you start the new routine, you can email us at anytime to ask questions, gain clarification, or just to update us on the progress for a full week after you begin implementing your plan. We will also check in daily to coach you along the way and ensure we are on a path to success.
  • One 20 minute Cradle Express call to use at anytime after six months of purchase.

Toddlers – Two-hour In-Home Package ($500.00)

Our in-home consultant package is often the choice of parents who are very overtired and would like in-person guidance when implementing their sleep plan. A sleep specialist arrives before bedtime or before a nap and stays for two hours to help implement the sleep plan that is specifically created for your child. We discuss and determine the plan and method of implementing these healthy new sleep habits that compliment your parenting style and values. One advantage of in-home visits is that we not only see first hand the experiences you have been facing, but we can also evaluate your child’s sleep environment too. Our commitment is to guide you every step of the way to ensure success!

Specifics include:

  • A thorough intake and evaluation of your child’s current sleep habits and concerns. This is done before the actual training visit.
  • A two-hour in-home training. This is where we discuss natural and developmentally correct solutions to your child’s individual sleep issues.
  • A customized sleep plan, created to give you thorough information and the proper tools as you move forward on your child’s sleep training.
  • We are at your side, coaching and supporting you every step of the way as you implement the plan.
  • Unlimited ongoing support and guidance by email (two weeks following the training)
  • Two scheduled support telephone calls to use (during the two weeks following the training)


Parents are loving what The Cradle Coach has done for them!

"After a million text messages and frantic phone calls, my little girl is sleeping. It is amazing! I could have never done this without your help and I would have never made it through this difficult time without you. Thank you so much!!" – Kim

"Thank you Melissa! Our son is sleeping through the night and taking two excellent naps a day. We are so happy he has learned to soothe himself to sleep. Your knowledge, kindness and compassion made all the difference for us. Our needs were truly listened to and our sleep plan with support that worked great for our family." – Katie

"We have so enjoyed working with you and benefiting from your expertise. Audrey's nights are so much better! I don't dread the evenings now! Thank you for all your guidance and support." – Rene

"At the age of 11 weeks old, I am delighted to say that my baby is sleeping twelve hours straight at night. He falls asleep on his own and is so happy when he awakens in the morning. I am so glad that I found The Cradle Coach as early as I did. She provided me with simple tips and tricks that worked like magic to help my son develop good sleep habits from day one. I am grateful! " – Jenna

"Jude is such a great sleeper now and a much happier baby. I wish I had known about your services much sooner because we would’ve avoided six months of stressful and sleep deprived parenting. Thanks to Melissa we have a happier family: two well- rested parents that have time to focus on each other and quality time to spend with the baby. " – Lilly

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