Still Waking Early?
If your baby is waking up too early after trying everything in your power to get them back to sleep, here are some more adjustment tips you might want to consider trying:

1) Increase the sunlight exposure: It's so important are children are getting an extra boost of sunshine. Not only does it help them sleep better, but it helps adjust their biological clocks. Get outside as often as you can but ideal times would be in the early morning and in the late afternoon.

2) Keep them in bed: Try not to reinforce an early wake up habit by getting your child up early. Choose a time that you know your child can get to. Realistically, most babies/toddlers need around 10-11 hours at night. Anything more is a gift! If you know your child can typically sleep until 7am, don't continue the habit of waking early but getting them out of their beds before that time. Stick to it and stay consistent about not getting the out of the crib until 7am. Overtime, your baby will either fall back asleep or learn to sleep later.

3) What's their daily schedule like: Are you adjusting their morning naps due to the early wakeup? Don't! Stick to their prior nap schedule. If you begin to adjust their morning nap, more than likely their afternoon nap will also be adjusted as well as their bedtime. This just creates an entirely new body clock schedule. Also, make sure they aren't getting too much daily sleep. They may be taking that hour in the morning and now giving you an hour longer for their nap. Cut it off if the morning is that important to you 🙂

4) Stay consistent: You've heard it time and time again but you have to stay consistent with your approach for up to one or two weeks. If you give in, so will they!

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